Alexander Goodman—President and Chief Executive Officer

Alex is a co-founder of 118 Capital and serves as the organization's President and CEO. Alex has served as a founding adviser to the Columbia Angel Group and worked internationally with entrepreneurs while he was a mentor in the Endeavor network. Additionally, Alex was an Associate Director with commodity risk management firm GP Energy Management where he oversaw proprietary trading, structured finance and principal investment activity for the firm and its clients. Alex’s corporate background also includes 5+ years as a Management Consultant within Grant Thornton’s Advisory practice in Washington D.C. and in Latin America, where he built his expertise in organizational improvement and financial management, as well as corporate and project finance. Alex holds an MPA from Columbia’s School of International Policy and Affairs and a BA in Economics from Bucknell University.


Cory Shea—Chief Operating Officer

Cory serves as 118 Capital's COO where he leads the organization's internal processes and program execution. Cory began his career in the corporate world, first in Customer Business Development at Procter & Gamble, followed by 3+ years at KPMG, working in management consulting within Customer Strategy & Growth, and IT Risk Consulting with primary clients spanning advertising, real estate, and financial services. He then made his full-time transition into entrepreneurship by founding Lily, a real estate startup to improve apartment renting in NYC, with customers represented by top global real estate brokerages, before co-founding Branch Out Movement, a social good project counting customers in 15+ countries to date. He further served as Head of Partnerships for Projective Space, creating a partnership program and the subsequent business development processes for the NYC-based co-working space. Cory graduated with a BS in Marketing and Information Systems Management from The Pennsylvania State University.


Tanita Preston—Director of International Development

Tanita is responsible for 118's international growth and development. She is a Colombian industrial engineer and operations specialist with six years of experience in customer acquisition, negotiation, transportation logistics and process optimization. Tanita helped certify the First Fair trade rose grower in Colombia and had valuable experience working within a sustained coordination of public & private sectors initiatives through Alianzas Productivas Para la Paz; a Colombian government Programme launched with support from the World Bank and aimed at promoting cohesion and growth of rural communities while prompting their integration to the agro - industrial supply chain.


Patrick Zailckas—Director of Impact Measurement

Pat leads 118's team responsible for overseeing the development of a well-defined, scalable Fellowship program tailored to provide project leadership experience to graduate students interested in impact investing while simultaneously connecting 118 Capital portfolio clients with trusted and meaningful advisory services. Shortly after joining 118 Capital in late March 2014, Pat received both a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Management for Engineers from Bucknell University. Pat plans to begin formal employment with ExxonMobil Refining & Supply Midstream Operations as a Project Engineer in the fall of 2014.