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Brief Description: Kinvolved’s mission is to improve public school attendance rates in the U.S. by increasing communication between teachers and parents. Kinvolved offers a cloud-based K-12 attendance recording system that allows teachers, school staff, parents, and students to communicate in real time. 


Geographic Focus: United States

Impact Focus: Education

Photo courtesy of  PBS

Photo courtesy of PBS

The Problem: Parents want, and need, to know how their children are performing in school.  Schools and after school programs want parents to be more involved with their children’s schooling.  Finding innovative ways to allow parents and schools to keep in close contact has always been elusive, especially in the high-need communities that Kinvolved's app serves.  Research shows that only 47% of parents are ever notified when their children are absent and more than 33% of parents don’t know how their children are doing in school. 

The SolutionResearch shows that students who miss 6+ days per semester have a 63% graduation rate – by dropping absences to 0-5 days, it’s possible to increase graduation rates to 90%. Increasing parental involvement in schools increases attendance and graduation rates. Kinvolved’s product, which it sells to schools, districts, after school programs, and community development corporations, instantly notifies parents, coaches, and mentors when children are absent or late.  Teachers take attendance using a tablet, phone or PC and parents receive an SMS or email one second later notifying them of their child’s absence. The easily track behavioral trends to identify student or school wide interventions. Kinvolved ran a pilot study in 2013 that showed that using the tool did cause a change in parent and student behavior that led to a five percent decrease in lateness and absence school wide.

Impact: Kinvolved is currently in 20 schools in New York City with 310 teachers using its product with 7000 students and families. It's goal is to expand across the U.S. over the next three years to have over 1 million students enrolled. Kinvolved is measuring decreases in absenteeism and will begin tracking grades and graduation rates with the ultimate goal of aligning with GradNation’s goal of achieving 90% graduation rates by 2020. They are considering products to improve higher education and workforce attendance and achievement.

Photo courtesy of Kinvolved

Photo courtesy of Kinvolved

The Team: Kinvolved Co-founders Miriam Altman and Alexandra Meis established Kinvolved in 2012 while studying public policy at NYU. Miriam, a high school history teacher within the NYC Dept. of Education (Teach For America, 2008), witnessed the effects of attendance, behavior, course scores, and family engagement on her students’ academic outcomes. A former project manager at Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, Alexandra managed the hospital’s Autism Treatment and Advocacy Center, and also empowered underserved parents to learn how to access special education services for their children with special needs within the NYC Dept. of Education.