About 118's Fellowship Program


Share a vision for a better world

  • 118's belief that entrepreneurship can help solve today’s most pressing social and environmental challenges has inspired us to develop an integrated professional endeavor that positions its members at the center of industry-expert mentorship and hands-on experience working with social enterprises. 


Create Value through Entrepreneurship

  • Our program aims to provide skilled, focused technical support to promising social enterprises in order to support their growth as well as the success of the 118 Capital social impact investment process.  
  • We enable Fellows to develop and hone skills ranging from investment analysis and due diligence to hands-on start-up experience, working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, solving challenges as unique as the ecosystems they support.

Grow as a Member of the Impact Investing Community

  • Gain formal training, expert mentorship and access to entrepreneurs and leaders of the impact investing community and distinguished team members across a range of industries. 
  • Develop meaningful and focused professional experience, to prepare for leadership positions within impact investing, social entrepreneurship and other fields.  
  • Participate in workshops and networking events to  become further immersed and better connected.

JOIN US And Start Making Your Difference

  • Twice a year in January and August we on-board graduate students and young professionals with:
    • A high degree of interest in joining the impact investing community;
    • Willing to commit to 10 hours per week of solid, focused work;
    • Relevant experience in consulting and/or financial and social performance management; and,
    • Demonstrated passion for what they do through a proven record of academic and professional excellence.

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