118 Capital believes that entrepreneurs can help solve today's most pressing social & Environmental Challenges



We are a social impact nonprofit that scrutinizes and makes early-stage investments while providing guidance to current and future entrepreneurs seeking to measurably improve the world. 

Specifically, the 118 Fellowship Program engages young professionals and top-tier graduate students interested in the emerging global fields of social entrepreneurship and impact investing via a hands-on experience in conducting impact research, due diligence and portfolio advisory.  



 118 's mission is to find, mentor and assist entrepreneurs and young professionals aiming to measurably improve the social, economic and environmental conditions in the US and Latin America.  

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 118 was established over the course of 2013 by a diverse team of graduate students at Columbia University's Business and Policy Schools as an extension to the Columbia Impact Investing Initiative (Ci3).

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 Our perspectives reflect a team comprised of men and women from a number of countries and who have professional expertise in a broad range of industries and across an array of functional areas. 

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